Don’t Tell Me to Culotte My Jets

Culottes are now without a doubt the most fetching thing to cover your butt with.

While in Milan, a friend and I had recurring discussions about the usually wide-leg, knee-length trouser sweeping fashionable shins around the globe known as the culotte. Specifically, she had some, wanted to wear them, but wasn’t exactly sure how.

We saw them everywhere, culottes on women, culittles on girls, cunon-binaries on whomever, you name it. And in that way, the answer was all around us. How do you wear your culottes? However and whenever and wherever you want, because that is the spirit of the garment.

These trousers are a prepositional gateway. Anywhere a cat can go, anywhere a culotte can go: synonymous.

Among a plethora of fashion statements that are unavoidably restrictive–I’m looking at you, latex– the culotte says, “I can do a high kick and remain modest. Also, I can ride a bike without tying a penny in my skirt.”

Let me be clear: not everyone is cut out for the culotte. If you’re shy, you may not be prepared for people to comment on your eye-catching bottoms. They tend to take up space.


Source: Man Repeller


Street Style - Paris Collections: WOMEN AW15 - March 03 To March11, 2015

Just as there is no fabric holding you back literally, there is equally nothing holding you back metaphorically. Pretty cool…….otte.

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